About Window Cleaning Service Guarantees

What assurances does the window cleaning company provide…. In writing?

A good guarantee begins BEFORE the work starts; with a written description of the work to be performed and explanation of the results that can be expected.

Window Cleaning Guarantees should contain;

  • Guarantee that when they say they are done that all the windows have been cleaned to satisfaction of the agreement specifications.
  • Guarantee that the windows will be cleaned “streak-free”
  • Guarantee that the client will be satisfied, and provide an outline of what will be done to satisfy the client if not.

Beautiful-viewOf course it’s reasonable to for any such guarantees to not cover damaged, stained, or out of order windows.  Plus even though corrective measures may be possible; reputable window cleaning companies will normally require a customer to accept and sign a waiver of responsibility if windows have been permanently damaged due to paint, concrete or other materials have been allowed to harden and bond to the glass.

Try to get the price guaranteed long term (2-3 years) with only annual adjustments for Cost Of Living Changes

Be sure that you can cancel the contract for poor quality or non-performance.  Beware that some window cleaning companies will give a low quote to “Get the Job” but will raise the price soon. Also, it is common with some low price window washing services to skip cleaning windows they feel you won’t notice, and to even charge for times they don’t bother showing up.(we’ve found companies skipping the entire north side of buildings!)

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