Window Cleaning Rates;  Is There a Safety Component?

SAFE PRICING – What goes into pricing for safety?

Often the largest factor in pricing window cleaning services is the cost of the time it takes to do the job. But one must also consider the long term investment in time and capital to do the work safely.  All too often window cleaning proposals are priced to “Get the job” and are based more on beating their competitor’s rates rather than the real costs of business.  The Cost to maintain a safeRope Window Cleaning work environment and culture is very different in the High-Rise Window Cleaning industry than in other Cleaning or Janitorial type activities.

Here is a list of some of the things, surely not all, that need to be included in the price to have safe pricing, not just competitive pricing.

Window Cleaning TimeSAFETY… IT’S ABOUT TIME!

  • Training: Besides the basic Standards (IWCA-ANSI I-14) and Rules (OSHA) training must include attitudes, values and beliefs along with understanding of why rules are important. If the technician feels the rules seem arbitrary and bothersome it is not likely they will consistently follow them. If one understands the reasoning behind the rule and the impact on each individual’s lives it’s more likely it will be followed.
  • Safety is about example. The company needs to put their time and money where their mouth is.  Plan ahead and do the right thing, and sometimes the right thing can be expensive.
  • Most importantly a company needs to be able to afford to be selective in the hiring process, train correctly, re-train, discipline if needed, and even terminate incorrigible employees, even if such termination will be expensive and inconvenient. .


Owners and Management attitudes dictate the attitudes of their staff.

Company culture takes a long time to develop and cement, and a long time to change. It is about everything we do. Doing the right thing is a choice that is presented to us everyday. It is reflected in many large and small decisions that establish a company’s culture over time.


Throw aside the fear of not getting the job and live by the faith that doing the right thing; even if it is costly, will work out in the end.

Clichés to live by;

Accidents don’t just happen… They’re caused

Safety is no Accident

You Will Never Regret Doing the Right Thing!

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