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Our accepting Company listings is a new thing; Currently we are only offering basic (unaccredited) listings;  The companies listed below have submitted only a certificate of insurance for inclusion so just because they are listed here, does NOT MEAN WE RECOMMEND THEM. However their willingness to be listed on, and post a link to this site may indicate some level of agreement with the core values expressed here.

To be listed in this Directory Window Cleaning Companies MUST also provide a link on their web site to

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Ferguson Once A Season Window Cleaning
PO Box 1097
Murrieta, CA

Valley’s Most Frustration Free
You’ll Never have dirty windows again, set it and done.
Your busy schedule won’t be interrupted
You’ll only have the most experienced people taking care of your home.

At Ferguson, your satisfaction is our top priority. Discover how quickly you get spoiled with the frustration free way your windows stay looking beautiful, making every season shine in your home. We can't be responsible for the glee you feel as you relish in the sparkle every time you open your drapes and the crystal clear view or the ooohs and ahhhs you enjoy as your friends and family remark at the beauty of everything.

In the future Window Cleaning Companies Accredited here will be the Top Window Cleaning Companies in the Country!

In the near future we wish to accredit Window Cleaning Companies in various areas, beginning with the U.S.A.  that have demonstrated that they provide a constantly reliable and trustworthy window cleaning service, and have for at least a few years.

To be Accredited on this site, and have featured listings, the companies will be required to;

  1. Provide copies of business registrations, assumed name certificates, articles of incorporation, or other evidence of a legitimate business registration.
  2. Submit Certificates of Insurance for both Worker’s Compensation, Liability & Vehicle insurance coverage.
  3. Provide names, and other necessary information regarding the principals in the company, so background and credit checks may be performed.  Plus provide evidence they screen their employees with similar background checks.
  4. Provide names, length of employment,  and contact information for their employees (employees may be interviewed).
  5. Provide 3 references from each category of service they provide, i.e. residential, high-rise, commercial, retail, etc.
  6. Submit financial reports for the previous three years, including copies of business tax returns. (similar to what would be required to qualify for a business loan)
  7. Provide payroll records or equivalent evidence that employees are paid as employees, and they are not sub-contracting or otherwise evading the tax, insurance and other obligations of employers.
  8. Provide addresses for their place(es) of business and photos thereof; inside and out.
  9. Name this site as “Additionally Insured” on their Liability Insurance Coverage.
  10. Provide adequate funding to cover the expenses involved in verifying and maintaining all the above information.

Once a few accredited companies are established they may have opportunity to review future applications for accreditation by this site.

If you would like your company to be amoung the first to be accredited here, please tell us a bit about your company by email to

If, from the above email,  it looks like your company may meet the qualifications for accreditation on this site; once we have the infrastructure in place; a Non-disclosure agreement will be sent prior to requesting the above information, and the process can begin.

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